Here’s How You Can Slay It In The Office Every Day!

business attire for women

Here’s How You Can Slay It In The Office Every Day!

You might think that going to the office might hinder your desire to dress up in ways that you want – you think that because of the required business attire for women in the workplace, you’ll be given with only a few ideas on how you can dress up freely and democratically.

But you don’t need to mope or to be devastated because there are lots of ways on how you can style yourself up and be dashing in your own business wear for women. You can mix and match clothes, you can buy Ready to wear, and you can opt for custom made skirts for women or custom made pants for women – really, the choices are endless.

You’ll just need to be creative and imaginative – be confident and be real. In this blog, we’ll show you some ways on how you can rock that business attire and slay every day in the office!

– Try the Urban Cool outfit and end up looking classy and elegant with those well-fitted pants and coat – this is a perfect exemplar of modern office wear.

– Why not go full on Beige? Beige is actually one of the most sophisticated colors and once you wear it in the office, you’ll look more than just an office girl – with those heels and accessories!

– And of course, the Corporate Ready style that gives you that top-notch corporate look from head to toe!

– Of if you don’t like to be too formal, you can try the Semi-Formal Attire using prints and contrasting textures and colors, achieving that retro look.

– And if you think Checks are too overrated, you’re wrong – it catches people’s eyes and attention, too!

– Also, Pleats have their own charisma and appeal – this outfit will really go well especially if you know how to wear it properly – add some neck piece and colored top to achieve this.You can also slay the old-school look through the Monotone Style – using only one or two colors that match your personality, you’re good to go.

– Being intricate is not bad as well – go with the Minimalist Look and find the perfect combination from your closet and accessorize yourself with lowkey watch and heels!

– Well, Dresses will never go out of style – especially if you partner it with a neckpiece and sophisticated heels.

– And to complete this list, you can still opt for traditional Office-Appropriate attire with subtle prints and shades that can make you feel and look vibrant in the office.

However, you shouldn’t worry about any women’s formal wear because we can help you achieve your own at Claudio Sartore – the leading bespoke tailors here in Dubai. tell us what you need and we’ll make it for you.



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