Choosing the Right Fabric for your clothes!

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Choosing the Right Fabric for your clothes!

Shopping for fabrics that you will use for sewing wouldn’t be a hard thing to do if you know how to choose which kinds of fabrics you should purchase. It’s a knowable fact that there are different kinds of fabric that are differentiated through various factors.

As one of the tailors in Dubai, we, Claudio Sartore make sure that all the fabrics that we use are made from high-quality materials, to guarantee a good finish that you will not see anywhere else. Our passion for tailoring has already brought us in the position that we are in today. Our rich 50 years of experience have made us perfect the art of giving unsurpassed bespoke tailoring in Dubai – we are your partner in getting custom-made clothes like blazers, suits, jeans, pants, and many others, both for men and for women.

Moreover, we’ll give you some tips on how you can choose the right fabric for your sewing projects at home or at work.

More often than not, the start of your sewing project can be from two things: choosing different patterns or choosing the best fabric suited for your project.

You should know though, that there are different kinds of fabrics – these types below are commonly used when sewing garments:

– Flannel
– Linen
– Wool
– Silk
– Satin
– Knit
– Double Gauze
– Denim
– Chambray
– Rayon Challis
– Cotton Lawn
– Cotton Voile

And if you want it to test your creativity, you can try these types of fabrics if you’re planning to sew:

Dress – wool, cotton lawn, knit, silk, satin
Shirts and blouses – cotton voile, flannel, linen, silk, chambray
Skirts – denim, linen, knit, rayon challis
Pants – linen, denim, wool, flannel

When shopping for fabrics, however, here are the things that you should do:

1. Think about what you want to create first. To get fresh and new ideas, you can get inspirations from Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.

2. Research about how you are going to create it – from here, you will know which type of fabric is suited for the project that you will make. Go window shopping and see which fabric you like best.

3. Before buying, check out the drapes, the color, the width, and the stretch of the fabric so you will be sure that you are buying the right product.

4. Visualize your project using the fabrics that you chose – if it feels perfect for you, you can proceed with buying the fabric and start working on your project immediately.


For beginners, the versatility of cotton fabrics will let you seam and sew clothes easily.
Satin, knit, and denim fabrics are sometimes hard to work with – make sure to use the right equipment or sewing strategies when using these fabrics.
No fabric is difficult if you know how to work with one of each.

And if you need any custom tailored suits, blazers, skirts, pants, or anything at all, never hesitate to visit us as Claudio Sartore and we will do our best to give what you want and need.


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