Do you know how long your trousers should really be?

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Do you know how long your trousers should really be?

Pants and trousers should be made perfectly so that it’ll look suited for you. As years passed by, we have seen how many the trousers lengths have changed – it became cropped, rolled – depending on the wearer.

These changes were influenced by the personal style, trends, and dress codes that emerged over the years. But really, how are pants measured? How long should it really be? And if you are about to opt for custom-made pants, what should you tell your tailors about the length of your pants?

The first thing that you should know regarding the right length of pants is the trouser break. This is the part that is folded or creased – these breaks meet the shoe. This signifies the pant length and it’s crucial for one to know how to properly adjust their breaks because this contributes a lot to one’s style.

Quarter Break – this break is a bit stylish; here, you can crease your pants for one and a half inch around your ankle.

Half Break – this is a smart look and is suited for conservative gentlemen; here, you get your pants creased for 2 inches above the shoe giving that elegant appearance.

Full Break – this break only happens when your trousers are just too long for you – making you crease your pants for more than 2 inches, hindering you to look untidy or clumsy.

In choosing pants, you should know how to pull off any kind of pants that you would wear.

If you want to look smart, you can opt for suit trousers – its half break shows off a neat look. If you want chinos, it’s perfect, too, because it’s a versatile trouser – it can emphasize your style. And of course, jeans, which you can tailor in any way you want.

In the world of fashion, you have to be careful in choosing which break you’d prefer to wear. It’s important to know your personal style and taste so that you will feel comfortable no matter how you wear your trousers.

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