Here’s the 5 Tips for your Clothing Alterations

clothing alterations

Here’s the 5 Tips for your Clothing Alterations

You can dress to look like a work of a high-end stylist without spending far too much, if only you know clothing alterations that you can do anytime if you want to tailor your garments and make it look a bit different than it previously did.

At Claudio Sartore, we provide unmatched tailoring services like clothing alterations for men in Dubai and we do it for women as well. If you are in need of men or women custom clothing you can always rely on all the high-quality garments like suits, blazers, pants, jeans, and many others. We have been in the industry long enough to know what our customer wants and how they want their clothes to be altered. As a tailoring company, we make sure that our tailoring services will fit perfectly accordingly to your requirements.

And if you ever want to learn about altering your own garments, here are some of the insights that we would like to share with you:

1. First of all, if you are going to alter any of your clothes, make sure that its size is a perfect fit for you so that you won’t need to adjust its size anymore – no more trimming or no more adding of fabrics.

2. If you have a garment like a loose blouse that you would want to look fit on you, what you can do is to take the side seams and the underarm area. This procedure can either give you a sexy cut or a boxy cut.

3. If you want to hem your pair of pants, always make sure that you wash and dry it first before you do any alteration.

4. Another alteration that can make a big impact on how you look is cutting down the voluminous sleeve that you have. If you are going to take your garment to a tailor, they can trim it down so that the fit will be perfect on you.

If you are looking for reputable tailors in Dubai, you must choose a reputable one so that you can guarantee that the alteration will be seamless, giving you a finish that you’ve always wanted.

And you don’t need to look farther because we can give you all the tailoring services that you want at Claudio Sartore. Come and visit us anytime, allow us to do the alterations for you.


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