Major Sewing Tips For Lefties Out There!

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Major Sewing Tips For Lefties Out There!

Are you a leftie? Do you sometimes find it hard to sew or alter your favorite clothes because most of the sewing tools are made for right-handed people? Worry no more because this article is for you. As you read on, you’ll know the right ways and tips on how you can make sewing so much fun and easier.

Being a leftie makes you belong to the scarcely 12% of the human race that is left-handed. But this doesn’t make anyone of you feel left-put most especially because almost everything is designed for right-hand use – and when it comes to sewing, there are actually easy steps that you can do so that you will not a hard time doing it anymore.

First of all, you can actually adjust things yourself. For example, if you are familiar with Joan dress, you can sew the tie on your right collarbone side – through this, you won’t be irritated by the straps or any detail that your dress has or your bags.

Second, when you are inserting zippers on your garments, you would sometimes wonder how you’d place it on the clothes, bear in mind that you need to know which side of your body will be able to reach the zipper faster – right or left? When you know already, the decision will be easier.

Third, if you are putting embellishments in your clothes, you should take note of which parts of your body will be exposed to these embellishments – choose what’s best for your body and see how you can feel comfortable with these adornments and garments.

Also, there are sewing tools already that are made only for lefties like:

-Ginger Left-Handed Dressmaker’s Shears

-Olfa Rotary Cutter

-Fiskars Cutting Mat

– Left Handed Sewing Machine

If you truly want to improve your sewing skills, you can purchase these tools or the many other types of equipment that you can use.

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