The 5 Clothing Alterations You Didn’t Know Tailors Can Do For You

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The 5 Clothing Alterations You Didn’t Know Tailors Can Do For You

There comes a time when your favorite garment would get damaged – which is why you take it to the nearest atelier shop. You just tell them to fix your clothes and you’ll come back to it looking like brand new. Tailors in Dubai are extremely talented – you can always guarantee that they will be able to mend any type of clothing you have.

As a leading atelier shop, we, Claudio Sartore, are experts in bespoke tailoring in Dubai – we do our services for both men and women, giving various kinds of clothing alterations that you need. No matter what type of clothes you need to be repaired, we can do it seamlessly. All of us at Claudio Sartore are passionate about what we do – the reason why our customers are always satisfied with our works. Additionally, we are already in the business for 50 years already so you can rest assured that whatever alteration you need, we can do it for you.

In fact, we know a lot of alteration techniques and methods to make your clothes look better than it was. Subsequently, all tailors do – and that’s what we will discuss with you – know the 5 kinds of alterations that you didn’t know tailors can do for you!


  • Altering the arm sleeve


Of course, when your sleeves are too big for you, your tailor can just sew it and make it slimmer; but what you didn’t know is if the clothing that you bought was originally too small for you, they can seam it in a way that it would have more room for your arms and fit more appropriately.


  • Making your jacket or shirt one size smaller


Tailors know how to take in an inch of your clothes so that it would fit you correctly. They can make it one size smaller or so on. But of course, this is also limited depending on the size that you want or the type of cloth it has


  • Adding on the size of your dress


This depends on what type of dress you have – if you have a simple-cut, summer dress, and you want to add on one or two sizes more to it, tailors can just add a fabric on both sides of the dress to achieve the desired size that you want.


  • Customized neckline


Say you have a favorite shirt but you don’t like its neckline – you can go to your preferred tailoring shop and ask them to reinvent it in a way that it can flatter your chest or vice versa – like when you want to make it look more modest


  • Removing or adding pockets


There are times when you want your jeans to have pockets and there are times when you wish it doesn’t. Your favorite tailors can actually do this for you – they can do it according to your preference.

And at Claudio Sartore, we can deliver all kinds of clothing alterations in Dubai. Just come and visit our atelier shop anytime, give us your requests, and we’ll do it accordingly.




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