The Complete Guide to Wearing and Buttoning Your Suits

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The Complete Guide to Wearing and Buttoning Your Suits

The modern fashion today in men’s is getting better. It focuses on making men look more elegant, smart, and neat. And there are many ways for men to dress in this manner – and one way is to wear suits.

Wearing a suit is actually the best way to dress smartly; but did you know that there are actually right methods of wearing suits? If you are a man, this is for you – we’ll tell you why you need to try adding suits inside your wardrobe and how you can wear these suits properly.

We are Claudio Sartore – we are a prominent atelier with the best and bespoke tailors in Dubai in our team. We tailor any type of clothing and garment for both men and women; hence, it includes custom tailored suits, blazers, and pants.

If you are planning to change your style and you want to wear suits more often, here are the things that you should know:

There are four types of suit jackets.

1. Single Breasted One Button Suit Jacket

This suit jacket only has one button. It’s almost perfect fit for the wearer and you should always remember to unbutton the suit whenever you sit down so that you’ll feel comfortable all the time.

2. Single Breasted Two Button Suit Jacket

It’s the most modern type of suit that men use today. The rule is, the only button that should be fastened is the one at the top and again, unbutton it whenever you sit down.

3. Single Breasted Three Button Suit Jacket

This type of suit can now be rarely seen but some people still remain loyal to this style. When it comes to fastening, always button the middle and leave the top and lower button unfastened and of course, unbutton all three when sitting down.

4. Double Breasted Suit Jackets

This style is different and it varied rules are applied on this one. The buttons in these jackets vary – 2, 4, 6, or 8. As for the buttoning, you can bottom all of it but not the last one.

Suits are given intricate details when made – this makes it a perfect clothing for men who want to look smart and all men who wear suits all seem to be respected and classy – this is not debatable. You should just remember the buttoning rules, never let it pop out, and then, you’re good to go gents.

And if you ever need custom suits in Dubai, you already know the right place to seek help from – come and visit at Claudio Sartore and be taken care of by our professional suit tailors in Dubai.

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