Who We Are?

The name says it all, ‘’Sartore’’ is derived from ‘’Sartor’’ in Italian meaning TAILOR; and this is our business, our passion and what we present you with!
‘’In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different’’-Coco Chanel
The great fashion designer Coco Chanel knows best and that’s what we aim for, we do not merely design, tailor, make alterations to pieces of cloth tissue. We sew your clothes full-hearted, we tailor them with all due professionalism and passion.
We give you hand-made pieces of art, showing you to the world at your best!

Our Services

All types of alterations
Corporate suits only (formal shirt, trousers and skirts)
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All types of alterations and custom tailoring
Hemmingsuits & Tailoring
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Personal Suit Tailoring

Select your suit material from shoulder to ankle