Belts: Your belt adds life and style to your outfit. When you can make a statement with your classic or trendy belt, why not make it an exceptional one?! 

Socks: Every lady checks the feet, to see a man’s socks and shoes. So how about you make sure to give her something outstanding to look at? And give her the right first impression of the classy gentleman that you are.

Buttons: Every time you lose a button, you neglect the missing part and you just stop wearing the outfit. Well, not anymore. Come by and check an array of buttons to make use of.

Suspenders: Take your admirers out on a trip to the 60s and melt their hearts with your funky and classic suspenders. 

Ties: No outfit is the same without a tie. Enhance your impressive gentleman look, and add some charm to your outfit with “THE TIE”.

Pocket square: Your suit is never complete without a silk pocket square. We know that, and we can teach you some challenging ways to fold it which gets you that exclusive feeling.