Out of all the steps and procedures that are done by a tailor, every single one is as important for the end result to turn out as good as expected and even better.

In the process of folding and sewing the bottom of your pair of trousers, we aim at making them shorter or use a technique to stop the unraveling of fabric to keep you looking as decent as you always were.

And with the way we hem your clothes, we sew it in a seamless manner to guarantee that it will have a finish that will let you feel like you are wearing something new – something that has the better fit on you. May it be a trouser, shirt, or blouse, we can hem it in a way that you will love your fabrics even more.

At Claudio Sartore Atelier, we will provide you with top tailoring services and alterations so take the chance and profit from an array of topnotch services at your reach.

No matter if it is hemming pants for men or women, Claudio Sartore can do it seamlessly.