For Her

All types of alterations

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of tailoring, alterations, and repairs.

We have an experienced and knowledgeable team to do your repairs and alterations with the high quality you deserve.

No matter what type of clothing alterations for women that you need, we, Claudio Sartore, will be more than glad to deliver them to you. You can trust that after all the repairs; you will feel more confident and beautiful and we can make you feel as pretty as you can be.


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Business wear

Go out and stand out! Show the world the fashionable and professional side of you, which is equally elegant and attractive, through Claudio Sartore’s business wear for women.


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Formal Wear

Whoever said that formal dress is dull and common never came by our atelier and never met our talented tailors.


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Let your tailored women’s jackets introduce  you ladies, from  a wide range of mind-blowing fabrics you have the chance to make use of our professional team at Claudio Sartore atelier, who will sew the one and only tailor-made jacket for you.

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Casual can be anything you choose for it to be, and your jeans can be your print and your bold look as long as you wear them with character and style.



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How many times have you bought new pants and they just wouldn’t fit your figure perfectly after wearing them a couple of times?

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